Corporación Sideplast / Sideplast Corporation · España / Spain ·

SIDEPLAST is a company specialising in the waterproofing of land for the construction of containment reservoirs for residue originating in mining works or agricultural and livestock activities (in all possible applications). In addition, our insulating materials are used in the construction of pools and baths for the storage of water and all kind of liquids, protecting constructions and the land against filtration from the water table. SIDEPLAST offers you the opportunity to keep your home free of moisture, as well as providing additional protection against the cold and heat if you decide to insulate it with our special geomembranes for this purpose.

The aim of SIDEPLAST is to provide solutions for waterproofing and insulation. We are certain that, with our work, we are offering you the necessary security for the correct treatment of waste from various industrial activities, thus contributing to the protection of the environment. With our insulation solutions in civil works, we help you to reinforce the safety and comfort of your home by providing the best guarantee against the action of environmental agents that affect you.

SIDEPLAST provides you with reliable, economic, and efficient solutions that adapt to your needs. We are able to do this because we have a team of highly qualified professionals who will offer you personalised attention and advice that will meet the requirements of your works.