Corporación Sideplast · España / Sideplast Corporation · Spain ·

CONTROLSUR, a SIDEPLAST corporation company, is engaged in the business of consultancy, promotion, management, contracting, execution, and implementation of civil works. Our company offers you a post-works service that will guarantee the correct maintenance and proper conservation of each of the solutions we put in place. These services are offered in strict compliance with our fundamental business principles, which focus on speed and efficiency in the execution of the work, whilst offering our client the solutions that best suit their needs and budget.

INVERSIONES CONTROLSUR is also a company specialising in the construction of stainless-steel tanks. For this task, we use only the highest-quality materials that will be treated with the utmost care by our team of highly qualified workers. Depending on the needs of the end customer, we can assemble these tanks on location or at our facilities, always using the most modern and efficient welding methods for steels of different qualities according to the requirements of their field of application.

The metal fabrication work of INVERSIONES CONTROLSUR ensures that the result meets your storage needs, thanks to our planning and execution and the extensive experience of professionals who exclusively design and execute your work. This ensures that we meet the expectations of our most demanding customers.

Another area in which INVERSIONES CONTROLSUR offers you its services is for the management and running of properties or consultancy with regard to the sale or lease of all types of real estate and industrial properties. Our team of experts will study your case and offer you the optimal solution to ensure that you are empowered to make the most appropriate decisions for your situation while avoiding risks.

INVERSIONES CONTROLSUR, as the parent company of our group, aims to offer customers personalised services with reliable solutions, focussing on the financial aspect to optimise the value of your investments and your product.